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What are the disadvantages of using free or open-source enterprise

Disadvantages of OSS

Open Source Software is estimated to have saved business’s in excess of $60 Billion. The idea of open source software is that the software is free to use. They make it open via an open source software license for use, modification and distribution.

The advantages of this software are numerous and has helped small business’s. But, with every story there are two sides and there are disadvantages of open source here are three main disadvantages below.

1. Malicious user’s:

Since the software and code is open to everyone not only good developers but also malicious users. They want to use the vulnerabilities of the software to gain access to your information. As a business this is an area of concern as your business information is sensitive.

2. Open Source Software has bugs:

This is a two headed problem when it comes to bug’s. Since open source software relies on user community initiative to solve problems with the software. The first problem is that there may be no advice on the problem/bug you encounter or the time to resolve the problem is lengthy and will cost you as well.

3. Not always user friendly:

Open source software is developed by extremely talented people. This is a disadvantage because it sometimes neglects the user. That is where the usefulness ends.

But with the advent of the internet, the sheer volume of great work being done, most of the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This leads many to believe that in a few years time these disadvantages will be a thing of the past.

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